The Ukraine War, a New Flashpoint, and the End of Europe’s Energy Innocence

I decided to limit my harassment of everyone (and my staff) this past holiday weekend, but I did want to thank everyone for being so supportive of the new book, The End of the World Is Just the Beginning. It is doing disturbingly well on the charts and maybe, just maybe, we’re looking at a bestseller here? We’ll know when the lists come out June 26.

Anywhatever, the world didn’t stop simply because Americans were celebrating their newest national holiday and I was engaging in some much needed decompression, so I’ve taken the liberty of putting together a much-longer-than-normal videologue to encapsulate the two big events over the weekend. Both are Ukraine War related.

The first deals with a new flash point in the conflict. Not in Ukraine proper, but instead directly between the Europeans and Russians over Russia’s Baltic enclave of Kaliningrad. The second deals with the early stages of the collapse of the European energy system, with the immediate event being Germany’s decision to move back to coal in a very big way.

War. Energy shortages. Transport breakdowns. Famine on the horizon. It’s getting real out there. Stay safe.

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Finally, a reminder:
Russia’s strategic shift from thunder runs to a civilian obliteration has already forced ten million Ukrainians from their homes, with nearly four million now living in limbo in foreign lands. All proceeds from all formats of all of our previous books are being donated to the Afya Foundation, a charity which provides medical assistance to refugees from the Ukraine War.

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