We’ve collected the graphics from The Accidental Superpower. Maps can be seen in color and in higher resolution, along with the demographic data and other visuals in TAS. Click an image to view in high resolution


US Canada Border

Chinese Climate Zones

China Hemmed In

Chinese Economic Concentrations

Germany’s Export Profile

Europe Political

Climate Threatened By Sea Level

SE Asia Cropped

Egypt and the Nile

South Asia Climate Zones

US Croplands


China Hemmed in #2

Chinese Climate Zones

The Chechen Challenge

Europe Topographic

Thailand’s World

Russia’s Tatar

Canadian American Energy

Mexican Land Use

The World At Night

Global Stability Map

Russia’s Western Borderlands

Southeast Asian Trade Network

Iran and Surrounds

Riyadh’s Reach

Southern Africa

Stability in The Islamic World

SE Asia

The World at night

Uzbekistan and Surrounds

America’s Inner Circle

Eurasian Hordelands

Bretton Woods World

Japanese Needs


N American Climate Zones

Critical Nodes

Turkey’s Neighborhood

Global Land Quality

World At Night: Shale

Atlantic Sea Approaches

Ottoman Empire

Pacific Approaches

Global Map

Population data

India 2015

Iran 2015

Italy 2015

Japan 2015

Russia 2015

Saudi Arabia 2015

Combined Demography

Canada 2015

China 2015

China 2040

Developed Without the U.S.

Germany 2015

Greece 2015

Mexico 2015

Poland 2015

U.S. 2015

U.S. 2030

Uzbekistan 2015

China 1990

South Africa 2015

Spain 2015

Turkey 2015

Alberta 2015

Angola 2015

Developed World Without the U.S. 2030

EU 2030


Russian Oil Production

Private Sources of Funding, 2011

U.S. Electricity Prices

N American GDP 2011

Chinese Lending

U.S. Oil Production

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