Disunited Nations MAPS

We’ve collected the graphics from Disunited Nations. Maps can be seen in color and in higher resolution. Click an image to view in high resolution


Change In Life Expectancy

America’s Diminishing Deployments

North American Agriculture with Chart


Crop Intensity

Food (In)Security

South Korea (1955)

South Korea (2020)

China (1950)

China (1980)

China (2020)

Oil and Natural Gas Production and Concentration

Global Wind + Solar Production

China’s Energy Gauntlet

Japan (2020)

Industrial Commodities

Japan’s Neighborhood

Russian Federation (2020)

Russia’s Population Crisis

Shifting Population Balances

Empty Russia

European Population Patterns

Germany (2020)

Metropolitan France

France’s Agriculture

France’s Neighborhood

France 2020

EU 2020

Middle East Geography

Middle East Energy

The Marmara Region

Turkey’s Neighborhood

Eastern Anatolia and Iranian Azerbaijan

Brazil Elevation and Climate

Agriculture in Brazil

Southern Cone Land Use

Argentina’s Neighborhood

Argentina 2020


The American Midwest

The American South

The American Northeast

The Sahel

Israeli Demography

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