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Eagle Ford

Anatomy Hydrocarbons

Average Well Shale

Basic Drilling

Pad drilling

Average Oil Production Per Well

Advanced Drilling

Hydrocarbon Production

Full Cycle Break Even Oil Prices

Nodding Donkey

Multilateral Drilling: Mid-2016

Weather’s (Non-Impact)

The Shale Advantage

Petroleum Inputs

Shale at Night

North America Early

North America Late

US Demography 2015

Global Shale Reserves

North America Climate Zones

Developed World

US Demography 2030

Imports by Region of Origin

Top Oil Exporters 2007

Average Population by Country

Major Oil Importers

Baltic Battlespace

Russia’s Desired Borders

Top Oil Exporters 2015

Top Oil Exporters 2020

2015 Average Oil Production

The Russian Conundrum

Turkey’s Neighborhood

Persian Gulf BattleSpace

Japan’s Insulation

Persian Gulf Energy

Iran vs. Saudi Arabia

Pre-Conflict Persian Gulf

Southeast Asian Theater

Asian Battlespace

The Chinese Box

California Inflows

Disruption to inflows…

…And Redirections to Inflows

Supermajor Oil

Dollar Diplomacy in the Disorder

Published Measurements

South America

The Asian Rim

Global Cities by Elevation

Global Solar Potential

Total Primary Energy Consumption

Global Crude Oil

Global Crude Oil Table 2

Global Nat Gas

Global Nat Gas Table 2

Cutoff Text Chart

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