The End of the World is Just The Beginning Maps

Below is a collection of graphics from Peter’s 4th book—The End of the World is Just the Beginning. Maps can be seen in color and in higher resolution. Click an image to view in high resolution

Maps & Charts

Civilization and Technology

Canadian Oil Production (mb/d)

Caloric and Fertilizer Diplomacy in the Disorder

The Black Death

Average Productivity and Cost of Inputs by Crop

Heating Up: Australia vs. Illinois

Global Oil Exports and Future Risks


Minerals Used in Green Technologies

War Risk Insurance Cost Estimates in a High Risk Environment

Italy 1950

Italy 2020

International Agriculture and Food Trade, 1870-2000

Industrial Materials

Global Wind Potential

Global Solar Potential

Global Oil Consumption by Sector (% of total oil demand)

Globalization and Its Effects

Global Energy, 2019

Global Transport Risk

Global Soy and Grains Production

Global Money Supplies

Global Manufacturing Revenue by Sector, 2019

Food (In)Security

Historic Fertility Rates

Global CO2 Emissions by Emitter

European Spheres of Influence

Value of Primary Agricultural Trade, 2020

United States Population by Race 2019

United States Demography 2020

Freight Flows by Highway, Railroad and Waterway

US Net Worth by Age Group, 1000USD

US Foreign-Borne Population

US and Europe, Wheat Production vs Hectares Planted

Total Global Energy Use by Source, 2020

The Future of Agriculture

The American Climate

Russian Grain Exports vs. Rail Length

Russian Energy

Power Costs per Megawatt-Hour

America’s Energy Story, P. II

Persian Gulf Energy

Natural Gas Trade

America’s Energy Story, P. I

Total Private Credit

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