A Welcome, a Reintroduction, and an Update on Ukraine

Many, many thanks to those of you who have helped make my new book, The End of the World is Just the Beginning, a New York Times best seller. As is typical with authors who make it onto the list, there is a sort of mad dash for their previous works.

Please allow me to give a brief description of my first three books–more info on them here–if for no other reason than the proceeds from the sales of these titles are being donated to the Afya Foundation (more info on them below). The Afya Foundation is the charity we’ve selected to help and highlight as they continue to deliver medical supplies to Ukrainians in need following Russia’s invasion of that country.

Which brings us to the current situation in Ukraine. While the Ukrainian military has performed beyond most people’s wildest expectations, the Russians have dug themselves in for the long haul. The humanitarian and geopolitical impacts have already been considerable and they show no signs of abating anytime soon. 

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Finally, a reminder:
Russia’s strategic shift from thunder runs to a civilian obliteration has already forced ten million Ukrainians from their homes, with nearly four million now living in limbo in foreign lands. All proceeds from all formats of all of our previous books are being donated to the Afya Foundation, a charity which provides medical assistance to refugees from the Ukraine War.

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