WEBINAR—The Ukraine War: Industrial Materials Edition

Parts of my work are, from my point of view, easy. I’ve always found reading a map to tease out military and economic potentials and trends to be equal parts engaging and…relaxing. Demographics? That’s just math. We know exactly how many 30-year-olds we’ll have in 2050 because they’ve already all been born.
The hard part is timing. It’s one thing for me to use geography and demography to forecast the rise and fall of nations. It is quite another to say if said rise or fall will happen next decade, next year, or next Tuesday. We may find the future to be fascinating, but we all live in the now. That makes books a clean fit for me. From the day a book contract is signed, it is over a year before product hits the shelves. The gap between the final draft going to the printer – which for my new book, The End of the World Is Just the Beginning, is TODAY!!! – to the release date is still nine weeks. The very format of books means I don’t need to dwell on tactical timing and can instead elucidate on the biggest of big sky issues.
EotW is a bit different from my previous books. This time, the focus is on what the economy looks like once we breach the horizon. The problem, unfortunately, is that the Ukraine War is hurtling us towards that horizon with screaming speed. Right now, we are living the transition from the here-and-now to the world detailed in EotW.
Which means my work of late has been less about mapping the future, and instead about providing some signposts for the road to that future. To that end we already have hosted a pair of seminars on the impact of the Ukraine War upon energy and agriculture. (Recordings remain available for purchase.) We now announce our third in this open-ended seminar series, the Ukraine War: Industrial Materials Edition, scheduled for April 5 at 1p Eastern / 9a Pacific. Just as Russia and Ukraine are central to all things oil and natural gas and wheat and fertilizer, so too are they central to all things steel and aluminum and copper and palladium and uranium. As always, after the presentation we’ll do our best to answer everyone’s questions.

Can’t make it to the live webinar? No problem! All paid registrants will be sent a link to access the recording of the webinar and Q&A session, as well as a copy of presentation materials, after the live webinar concludes. 

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Finally, a reminder:

Russia’s strategic shift from thunder runs to a civilian obliteration has already forced ten million Ukrainians from their homes, with nearly four million now living in limbo in foreign lands. All proceeds from all formats of all of our previous books are being donated to the Afya Foundation, a charity which provides medical assistance to refugees from the Ukraine War. The buttons below will direct you to our purchase pages where you can both find out a bit more about each book, as well as select purchase options ranging from e-services to your local bookstore.

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