Few things in are more complex than energy logistics, and the world is about to get a masterclass.

Different crude grades with different chemical make-ups with different reliabilities lead to different refining dependencies. Some crudes are thick (heavy). Others thin (light). Still others are laden with impurities (sour), while others are pure (sweet). Small mismatches in crude quality can typically be managed with some creative blending.

That’s totally not what’s about to happen.

Cancelled ship insurance policies. Customers and shippers not wanting to be caught with potentially-sanctioned oil. Investor abandonments. War disruptions. Sabotage. The world’s single-largest crude grade by volume – Russia’s Urals blend – is vanishing from the market. Within weeks some 5% of global oil production will be gone. For years. At a minimum.

The result isn’t simply the biggest energy shock we have experienced since World War II, but one whose effects will vary wildly country to country. And one that will force a great many players to take action to secure their ongoing economic capacity. That will not go over will with others.
Join us TODAY – March 4 – for the Ukraine War: Energy Edition. It is the first in our open-ended series on the economic effects and aftereffects of the Russian invasion..


Can’t make it to the live webinar? No problem! All paid registrants will be sent a link to access the recording of the webinar and Q&A session, as well as a copy of presentation materials, after the live webinar concludes. 

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