Please join us today, March 11, for our webinar and Q&A session on the impacts of the Ukraine War and Russian sanctions on global agricultural markets. 

Fertilizers, fuels, feed grain and cheap wheat–we’ve seen prices across the board jump in recent weeks following Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. We know what happened last time Russian wheat exports didn’t reach markets in 2008–a series of price spikes that left several vulnerable governments reeling. Across the Arab world, we saw these consequences play out as the Arab Spring. 

But what happens when food inputs are not only more expensive, but impossible to find? What of the globalized agricultural market, where producers across the global are dependent on imported inputs to grow exported feed grain? Where subsidized bread is made from imported grain? And the transport systems moving everything face rising fuel costs?

Join us TODAY as Peter Zeihan walks us through the end of global agricultural as we know it. It will be a wide-ranging discussion that encapsulates all the many trends in play today, from Chinese Communist Party Chairman Xi Jinping’s cult of personality, to dangerously low energy investment to, of course, the Ukraine War.


Can’t make it to the live webinar? No problem! All paid registrants will be sent a link to access the recording of the webinar and Q&A session, as well as a copy of presentation materials, after the live webinar concludes. 

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