We’ve been talking about the Ukraine War for quite a while now, but I still get questions asking why. So, we’re looking at the historical significance of this region and what this conflict means for all of us.

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MedShare is a non-profit humanitarian organization committed to delivering life-saving medical supplies to areas in need around the world. We have been particularly proud to support their mission of supplying medical supplies and equipment to care for the victims of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Your donations help deliver surgical kits, life-saving equipment and other urgently needed medical supplies – and in November, your impact will be doubled through our matching donation.

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is not an isolated incident; the Russians have been carrying out similar attacks to secure their borders for decades now. So if Russia isn’t stopped in Ukraine, they will continue until all of those critical access points are taken.

As long as Russia is committing war crimes, targeting food and agriculture infrastructure, and attacking the power grid, we must support Ukraine. So, I urge you once again to support MedShare and donate at the link below.

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