Peter Zeihan’s Risk List: What Keeps a Geopolitical Strategist Up at Night

Please join Peter Zeihan for a webinar on June 5th at 12:00 PM EST on a topic that is near and dear to the hearts of the Zeihan on Geopolitics team: geopolitical risk. This webinar will feature Peter’s reasonable-fear list, focused on issues that in his opinion have the most potential to impact market outcomes.

If you’re planning a coast-to-coast road trip through the US, you might want to wait until the Biden administration can liquidate the northeast gasoline reserves, here’s why…

Congress has mandated that these gas reserves be liquidated for a handful of reasons – being expensive and dangerous make that list – but there’s a few more important things at play. The 2nd phase of the shale revolution has helped bolster US refining capacity, meaning these stockpiles just aren’t needed.

So, if this liquidation can help take the sting out of energy prices for the average American, especially at a time when usage is at its highest, that’s probably not the worst thing in the world.

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Hey everybody. Peter Zeihan here coming to you from a train in France, which I thought would be a great backdrop to talk about Gas Reserves. what tend to harm at the moment is the Biden administration is in the process of liquidating the Northeast Gasoline reserve. Now, this is something that was built up a little over a decade ago to make sure. 

And it’s seasonal demand surges, especially in the summer, don’t cause market problems. Were God permitted app shortages, toll tolls from boring. We’ll be back paying for back. anyway, that was the end. This is now, Congress has recently passed a law basically mandating implementation of the reserve because storing fuel was expensive and dangerous. Certainly more expensive a dangerous the story crude oil. 

And the United States now has the world’s largest refining capacity. So over the course of the last ten years, that could have gone through the second phase of the shale revolution, where it’s not so much about oil or little gas now was starting to process all the stuff that we’re producing. So the United States in the last 25 years has not been the world’s largest consumer of oil or an oil, largest imported, refined products, now the largest exporter of all of those very sort of in addition to electricity, in addition to natural gas sitting at a propane input, in addition to pretty much every energy and processed energy product on the planet. 

And so this reserve just isn’t necessary anymore. It’s an unnecessary expense. so, you know, totes operate, there’s also, of course, a little football. And, you know, remember, this is a mandated thing that the Biden administration is doing. But the Biden administration, of course, as the executive, has the ability to micromanage how it is done. So the reserve, which is about a million barrels of gasoline or about 40 million gallons of gasoline, anyway, so the Biden administration and decide how and when and where it is released. 

Well, it’s the northeast reserves all fuels in the northeast. So that’s kind of spoken for. as for the win, the release will be between the 1st of July and Memorial Day. So. Right in the heart of, the driving season, if I had statesman demand happens to be at the highest. the United States is having an issue with inflation right now. 

It’s something the Biden administration is worried about for its own survival. And so taking some of the sting out of energy prices at a time, honoring the energy prices and gasoline prices are highest makes a lot of, sense. So and that that is what is going on. And, I’m going to go out of my way. 

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