Please Join Us: Wither the Workforce

Peter’s back from chatting with dozens of firms across the manufacturing, finance and agricultural space and one topic kept popping up: what’s up with COVID vaccine mandates? The answer — from the business community — might surprise you!

The impact of vaccine mandates is only one of a plethora of issues impacting the American workforce. Join us Wednesday, November 17 for Wither the Workforce, a wide-ranging discussion of everything from COVID to manufacturing trends to technology to security to demographics, all from the point of view of the labor markets — with a heavy emphasis on the workforce of the United States and those of America’s partners and competitors.

Part I: Wither the Workforce is only the first of a three-part series on the life and times of current major economic trends. Also in this series,

Part II: Supply Chains No More
Friday, November 19

And coming soon, 
Part III: The Face of Inflation
Wednesday, December 1

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