Tensions between Israel and Iran have been escalating since the Hamas attacks in October, but are we going to see a full blown war between these two adversaries?

Between multiple bombings by Israel and a larger scale attack carried out by Iran, things were touch and go for a bit there. However, it appears that both sides are de-escalating the situation and will let off the gas for the time being.

Although the situation appears to be stabilizing, there could be some third party interference by a country who wouldn’t mind having a broader conflict break out…

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Hey everybody. Peter Zeihan here, coming to you from Colorado. We’re gonna close the loop on what’s going on with Israel and Iran. in the aftermath of the Hamas attacks in October, the Iranians were needling at Israel, in order to just get some good PR in the Arab world in back home. of course, the Israelis were a little sensitive about that.

how about everything at the moment? and so when the, Iranians got a little bit too punchy, the Israeli slapped them down by bombing the Iranian consulate in Damascus and killing a large number of high ranking, leadership, for the IRGC. That’s their, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, which carries out a lot of the military operations in Syria and Lebanon and Interface’s Hezbollah.

I basically, Israel took out the entire leadership, in Iran. Couldn’t believe they went after diplomatic grounds to do it. So, you know, anyway, Iran was like, wow, wow. Okay, they’re a little sensitive right now. We need to dial this back because we were just having some fun. And clearly they’re treating this a lot more serious than we are.

So they sent all these, missiles and drones and artillery rockets into Israel as retaliation. But they telegraphed, their attack days ahead and actually provided the technical specs to the Swiss embassy, which passed it on to the United States so that the U.S. and the Brits and the Jordanians and the Israelis could basically just light it all up and, shoot them down one after the other.

And no one was hurt and no meaningful damage was done. the question then was, what’s next? Because the Americans were like, all right, hey, yeah, this is great. This is a great climbdown. You get to claim face, we get to say coalition is working, and the Israelis get to say that their Iron Dome missile defense works great.

Everybody wins. The only potential, for the ointment is looking at Israel. Are you okay? and Israel decided mostly was. So what happened this last Friday is Israel did a counter strike, on Iran. But the only thing that they took out was the air defense at a very specific military facility in Israel. Had just happens that military facility in Michigan was right next to the primary Iranian nuclear research facility.

so basically, the Iranians, the Israelis are like, yes, we’re not bro’s, but we’re cool for now. But just to underline the fact that we could have done so much more, even without any help from the United States. So at the moment, everyone is backing off, and at the moment it seems that no one in the Middle East is interested in a broader conflict, with the exception, of course, of the Russians, who would love it as a distraction.

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