Hey everybody,

I really appreciate the excitement and support for Disunited Nations. This has been a crazy project since Day One and there aren’t words to communicate how thrilled I am that it is finally not simply real, but available! Thanks to everyone for helping make it a reality!

I hope those of you who picked up your copy of Disunited Nations are thoroughly enjoying the experience. But there is one thing that I wish was different. Unfortunately, there isn’t a publisher out there that will let me give you the full color maps in all their glory. The Kindle and the audiobook versions don’t even get the graphics! And so, with each book, I make sure my readers have access to them on my website. The Map Archive is officially open! 

If you haven’t bought it, go check out my introduction (below). If you have friends that haven’t bought it, please do consider forwarding this email. And I do have one more hard ask: please submit a review wherever you bought a book… when you finish reading.

I’ll leave you, for now, with a graphic from the book. It’s the first graphic in Disunited Nations and one of my favorite graphics ever. It highlights just how much the world has benefited from the American-led Order. So much of it is not simply at risk, but about to violently unwind.

Thanks again, 

Peter Zeihan         


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