A Mea Culpa, and a Correction

Nobody’s perfect. 

And in this industry, I feel strongly that it’s as important to own up to your mistakes as to highlight your successful forecasts and analyses. In a previous mail out this week, we included a graphic that included a significant bungling of numbers. (The corrected text is highlighted below.)

I would like to thank the readers and followers kind enough to point out the error. The how and why of it aren’t that important, but if you’re curious: as some of you pointed out–and as it stated on the original graphic–the data we used was annualized, and in a rush to publication we misplaced a decimal. Approximately $1.3 trillion/year became $13 trillion. Perhaps this is too much pressure to place upon the narrow shoulders of a humble decimal point. Perhaps I should have better understood the risks in letting an English major do the math while my primary researcher was in Ireland. But here we are, and due to your close readership we’ve been able to amend the graphic. 

Jokes aside, a strong sense of honesty and integrity is vital to our work. We strive to deliver our clients and readers as honest, direct and non-partisan a viewpoint as possible. I am thankful for the continued trust, and the attention you all pay to help keep us honest and accurate.

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Finally, a reminder:
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