Metawealth Professional Training has contracted with Zeihan on Geopolitics for some geopolitical and demographic work. They have chosen to share this piece of that work with all takers. So thanks much to the folks at Metawealth, and enjoy the listen while you sharpen those pitchforks!

It’s been a scary year. The Fed seems determined to crash the economy. The reality for some is going to be far worse than a “mere” four banks collapsing. Not only have four banks collapsed, another 185 banks are hanging on by a thin thread. Plus, the war in Russia and geopolitical tensions are escalating with no end in sight, and we’re starting to witness vast economic and political consequences.

If you’re like most people, you’re worried about what it all means… and unsure about what to do to best protect yourself from what’s unfolding.

That’s why I’ll be speaking on a special livestream, where I’ll share what my latest research unveils about the future and a startling new set of predictions…

Join me on Wednesday, June 7th at 8pm EST

I believe the era of prosperity we’ve enjoyed since World War II is ending and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has speeded up the process. The world is entering a new phase of “de-globalization.” The 2020s will see a collapse of consumption, production, investment, and trade…almost everywhere. Instead of a cheaper, better and faster world, it will be pricier, worse and slower.

There is a global disorder coming, in which countries will have to make their own goods, grow their own food, secure their own energy, and do it all with dwindling and aging populations.

In short, we will remember the last 75 years since the end of World War II as a golden age and no economic system can work in the future we’re about to face.

Here at Zeihan On Geopolitics we select a single charity to sponsor. We have two criteria:
First, we look across the world and use our skill sets to identify where the needs are most acute. Second, we look for an institution with preexisting networks for both materials gathering and aid distribution. That way we know every cent of our donation is not simply going directly to where help is needed most, but our donations serve as a force multiplier for a system already in existence. Then we give what we can.
Today, our chosen charity is a group called Medshare, which provides emergency medical services to communities in need, with a very heavy emphasis on locations facing acute crises. Medshare operates right in the thick of it. Until future notice, every cent we earn from every book we sell in every format through every retailer is going to Medshare’s Ukraine fund.
And then there’s you.
Our newsletters and videologues are not only free, they will always be free. We also will never share your contact information with anyone. All we ask is that if you find one of our releases in any way useful, that you make a donation to Medshare. Over one third of Ukraine’s pre-war population has either been forced from their homes, kidnapped and shipped to Russia, or is trying to survive in occupied lands. This is our way to help who we can. Please, join us.



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