“The Absent Superpower is a must-read to understand the forces that will shape geopolitics and potentially ignite decades of global disorder. By dissecting the technological and geographic realities of energy and demography, Zeihan forecasts the conflicts and economic realignments that will follow America’s withdrawal from active global leadership.”

— Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts and Republican presidential candidate

“Zeihan follows his groundbreaking analysis of the post-WWII global geopolitical and economic system in Accidental Superpower with a projection of what might happen when the U.S., because of its new energy security and dynamic economy based on the shale revolution, withdraws from its principle role as security guarantor of the global order. Peter builds on prodigious objective demographic, energy, economic and geopolitical indicators to frame provocative scenarios based on the impact of an American inward focus to the exclusion of international order. Delivered with his trademark irreverent wit, this book should be a must read for public and private leaders alike. If President Trump has but one book to read as he assumes command, it should be this one.”

— Honorable Dave McCurdy, Member of U.S. House of Representatives (D – Ok, 1981-1995), served as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee during the breakup of the Soviet Union and throughout Operation Desert Storm. President and CEO of the American Gas Association.


“Peter Zeihan has written a smart, well-crafted page-turner that lays out the compelling reasons why America’s role in the world has changed–and why that’s good news for Americans and sobering for everyone else. His vivid account of the impact of America’s good fortune for the rest of the world makes this an original and invaluable read.”

— Ian Bremmer, Eurasia Group

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