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  • Peter Zeihan's latest work projects a future that will challenge your assumptions on how the world works, what nations are best postured to prosper, and which are fragile. The world he envisions is fraught with danger as powers rise and ebb, but not without opportunity. A worthy read to flesh out your world view.

    Major General Patrick Donahoe
    Major General Patrick Donahoe Commanding General, U.S. Army Maneuver Center of Excellence
  • Peter Zeihan is the Nostradamus of the 21st century. Using geography as his analytical foundation, he's able to explain why nations behave the way they do today, and predict with astounding accuracy how they'll behave tomorrow. Nowhere will you find a more objective and logical examination of geopolitical currents. A masterful blend of economics, demographics, environmental factors, cultural propellers and realpolitik. Peter's books simplify the incredibly complex forces that drive states forward (and back). The world is rapidly changing, especially America's role in it, and Peter navigates this journey with clarity, rigor, and wit. If your passion is politics, investing, energy, technology, international relations or just being smart and interesting at parties, read Peter's book.

    Jesse Watters
    Jesse Watters Host, Jesse Watters Primtetime and #1 NYT Best Selling Author
  • I've never been so upbeat about the End of the World. Deeply researched, powerfully argued, and well written. Zeihan stitches together insights from economic geography, demography, and history to give us an original yet intuitive theory of geopolitics.

    Ian Bremmer
    Ian Bremmer President of Eurasia Group


  • Peter Zeihan has done it again! The End of the World is Just the Beginning offers a glimpse of the future by looking to the past. The geopolitics and demography that gave us our “perfect moment” in history is passing. What is in store for us and generations to come? Move Zeihan’s latest to the top of your stack and find out.

    Jack Carr
    Jack Carr Former Navy SEAL Sniper and #1 New York Times bestselling author of In the Blood
  • From time to time, we hear how ‘everything is going to change’. None of us ever believe it. Now I do.

    Bill Owens
    Bill Owens Former Colorado governor
  • In Peter Zeihan’s new book, he stakes a bold claim: The best isn’t yet to come, it’s gone a prediction he reveals through his unique prism of demography and geopolitics. By analyzing the world’s fundamentals, leavened with a keen understanding of history, Zeihan develops often contrarian theses about a pending jarring period that are at once provocative and arresting. You may not always agree with his conclusions, but you will find the arguments undergirding them compelling and rich. Zeihan’s challenges to conventional wisdom will leave you with greater wisdom, and yield insights that will enable you to better navigate the “interesting times” we seem destined endure.

    Ben Weingarten
    Ben Weingarten Deputy Editor of RealClearInvestigations
  • I found Peter Zeihan’s description of the future to be both plausible and provocative. Regardless of the details of how the next decades unfold, Zeihan’s book convinced me that it is at our own peril that we assume the future will look just like the present. Now more than ever, all our children—regardless of race—need to be equipped with a portable and flexible skill set that will enable them to adapt to circumstances and opportunities that we can't even imagine right now.

    Robert L Woodson Sr.
    Robert L Woodson Sr. Founder and President of the Woodson Center, 1776 United, Voices of Black Mothers United

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